2018 Wrap up!

2018, wow what a year!! It was action packed full for sure!

Just with in Strange Images this year brought, a huge variety of different photo sessions, the creation of over 40 new wall art designs, I completed several business growth courses, introduced gift cards and coasters as small products for sale, completed another semester of my Fine Arts diploma and got asked to create my own Design Line for a photography backdrop company, including hand paintings and photo art, which now has 20 designs available for purchase!! Oh and put my images on a wine label!

I’m extremely grateful for our continued customers support throughout the year and today I’ve loved looking back through everyone’s galleries filled with precious memories and people. So thank you!

In my 2018 Wrap Up gallery you will be able to see the variety in my sessions and how I have covered a variety of different photography fields in one year! With this comes an enormous amount of education to make sure I’m giving my best in each field. The last few years I feel like I’ve been working full time and studying full time too! I love it and love being able to offer my clients this professional versatility. I will go from putting on my farm work boots to shoot in the paddock, to my best going out shoes for special events, then I just flick them all off and go barefoot for my newborn sessions!

So please have a look through a selection of my session art work for the year. I haven’t included any of my wall art designs or paintings as you can see these in my Print Gallery.

Here’s to a great 2019 for everyone! I have more big plans for the year and can’t wait to share them with you!!

De-Anne Strange