Newborn session with James!

Newborn photography is an amazing field which requires knowledge and love. Knowledge is vital because as cute as this little person is, they are also just as vulnerable. Love for babies is a must, as you need a lot of patience are care to create an environment that everyone is comfortable in.

Before the photo session

I check everyone’s health - I know that my immunisations are up to date and I am feeling well. I have spoken to Jame’s Mum, he and the rest for the family are going really well too. I then discuss any preferences for the session and different ideas on desired shots and styling with props.

I then design a work flow plan for the session all around James. No two design and work flow plans are the same, as no child or family are the same. James will be 2 months old when I take his photos. Usually newborn photos are taken between 7-10 days old but for different reasons sometimes this is not possible. Even though it could make things a bit trickier, I think any age is well worth photographing!

When I make Jame’s plan, I keep in mind that I will need to use only my larger and very stable props, as he will be bigger and stronger. I work out how I will create the family and sibling shots and what equipment I need to bring for this. Keeping in mind my overall colour scheme and any parent requests, I create about 5 different set ups. Each different but all matching.

On the day.

While I’m setting up I check how everyone’s night went, when James last feed and when he is due for a sleep. I go with the flow of everyone but keep all this in mind for my timing and best outcome. I work through my design plan. James is so content and happy that I get through all my planned options plus a few new ones and also some beautiful candid shots. We all had a great time and I just loved my newborn cuddles!

Post session.

I wont go into the processing details as they are long and not that interesting! LOL

I use 5 different computer programs to produce and deliver a beautiful gallery of the best images. All images are of top quality and high resolution for printing. The gallery is a beautiful mix of colour, black and white, natural and artistic images.

Then comes the best part! I get to present Jame’s images to his Mum and she loves them! We discuss each image and I love to hear which ones she loves the best. We also have a chat about what photos she would like to get printed for the wall or gifts.

Total success!

As you can image there is a huge amount of work that I do behind the scene to create my photo art. Constant education is required in this field but it’s all worth it to be able to create these memories for people to treasure for ever.

Please contact me if you are having a baby and would like a photo session, its never too early to book when you are pregnant. A gift voucher is also a lovely baby shower gift for someone expecting. :)

Thanks so much for reading,

Kind regards De xx

De-Anne Strange