Terms of Service


We make our best efforts to ensure all items and details listed are correct at the time of purchase. 
However due to the nature of the beast, fees, specifications, stock availability and conditions may change without notice and cause delays. Full details of your order will be verified once your order is placed along with estimated delivery time.


Postage and packaging within Australia along with full insurance is included in the delivery fees.

We are happy to post worldwide, however as the world is a rather diverse place extra postage fees may result, conditions may also change. Please contact Strange Images for a shipping quote.


All images and content of this website are the property of Strange Images, 
© 2017 Strange Images all rights reserved.

Any unauthorised copying, distribution or modification of this websites content and images is expressly prohibited.

Hire of Strange Images 'Stock Images' are subject to the below Terms.

* Image hire is for a 12 month lease and after this time you may purchase a rehire of the same image, hire new images or end all usage of any images permanently.

* You are purchasing the non exclusive rites to our images and others may still purchase the same image hire. If you require exclusive 12 month lease rites to the photo please select to purchase the exclusive rites.

* The image you purchase as an 'Web only image hire' can be used for a website and emailed newsletter/advertising. No printing of image allowed.

*The image you purchase as an 'Web and Print image hire' can be used for a website and emailed newsletter/advertising and also Printed advertising including brochures, posters and large billboards. 

*The image you purchase as an 'Web, Print and Business cards image hire' can be used for a website and emailed newsletter/ advertising. Printed advertising including brochures, posters and large billboards. You can also use this images in your business card design.  

*Exclusive rites to a photo for a 12 Month Lease. Others can not use the same photo after your purchase and you are able to use the image for web, Print and business card usage. 

* If you would like to use the photo you purchased for printing if you have only purchased the web only hire you can let us know and just pay the $25 difference.

* If you wish to use the photo for any other reason not specified above, approval from Strange Images must be confirmed first.

* No profit is to be made directly from the images e.g not for use of postcards, calendars or any reprint sales at all.

* Photos are not to be printed for wall art or decoration, all images are available for purchase as printed wall art through Strange Images only. 

* Please choose image carefully as when you have paid and image has been sent to you, there are no refunds or image changes allowed.

* All images must not be shared with any other business, organisation or person they are only to be used for the one that purchased it.

* All photos are strictly prohibited to be used for anything negative, derogatory, pornographic or in anyway similar according to Strange Images discretion.

* Breech of the above Terms may result in immediate Lease termination with no refunds and legal action may be implemented. 

* Strange Images always provides their customers with the best products and service to their ability. We have supplied hire images at the best quality possible but if you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us immediately.

* All images are 300dpi and as large as possible.

* All persons showing in any hire image has given their consent to the images being hired and used for the above correct usage. 

* Strange Images may have external Photographers photos available for hire. Permission from the photographer has been granted and all the above Terms are implemented and apply the same to their images too.